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EdTech Stories

Feb 17, 2020

In next week's episode of Ed Tech Stories, we'll be profiling the company Swivl and three of their well-known products - the Swivl Robot, Recap, and Synth.

But in particular we'll be exploring why Recap, the once promising student response platform, was ultimately shut down.  You'l learn why Swivl made the choice to close Recap, as well as their attempt at a comeback with a new podcasting platform called Synth.

In this exclusive preview of next week's podcast, you'll learn about the origins of the parent company Swivl.

The full episode features interviews from:

Brian Lamb, Swivl Co-Founder

Dr. Casey Kosiorek and Jim Thompson - Authors 

Rachelle Dene-Poth, Education Consultant

Jeff Bradbury, Podcaster (