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EdTech Stories

Mar 23, 2020

Tech entrepreneur Dmitry Shapiro discovered code in school after immigrating to the US from Russia.  After successfully launching Veoh, a YouTube competitor in 2005, Dmitry was inspired to develop solutions that help make technology less scary.  His company GoMeta features two properties that does exactly that:

Metaverse, is a website used by thousands of educators to create Augmented Reality experiences for students.  

Koji aims to allow anyone to create interactive games without writing one-line of code.

In this episode, learn about Dmity's attempt to democratize code for teachers and students.  

This episode features commentary from:

  • Dmitry Shapiro - Founder, GoMeta
  • Richard Byrne - 
  • Luis Chavez, Creative Director, GoMeta
  • Randall Deich - STEM Coordinator, Lauderhill STEM-MED 

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