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EdTech Stories

Mar 9, 2020

At age 16 Josh Feinsilber began a high-school project to help him develop coding skills.  Two year later, that project became Gimkit - a financially successful EdTech startup and one of the most popular game-based assessment platforms today! 

In this episode of EdTech Stories discover the backstory of Gimkit, including the unique school system that made this discovery possible and some of the reasons why the platform took with teachers and students.  This episode is called "Gimkit: How To Build An EdTech Startup in High School"

This episode features commentary from:

  • Josh Feinsilber - Co-Founder, Gimkit
  • Jeff Osborn - Co-Founder, Gimkit 
  • Julia Bambja - Principal, Gibson Ek
  • Hillary Nadell- Advisor, Gibson Ek
  • Ruth Valle, Educator/Blogger

Guest Links


  • Theme - “Invincible” by Def Kev (No Copyright Sounds)
  • “Funkorama" by Kevin MacLeod (
  • “Closer” by Max Sergeev (
  • "Blue Nude" by verified Picasso (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Giant iPhone” by RAGE (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Classic Rose” by Vibe Mountain (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Electric Cabello” by Kevin MacLeod (
  • “Late Night Drive” by Nate Keefe and BeatMover
  • “Grandma's Impala” by Sarah The Instrumentalist (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Romeo Chrobinson” by Watercat (
  • "Skip Rox" by Spazz Cardigan

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