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EdTech Stories

Feb 10, 2020

On the debut of EdTech Stories, we profile the company Wakelet in this episode called “Inside The Wake.”  Wakelet is a company and platform created by Jamil Khalil, a former Airbus employee, who sought an easier way to organize the abundance of information available on the internet.  He overcame several obstacles in his path to develop a platform which makes it easier to organize the web. Through some hard work, perseverance, and of course a little luck, Jamil and his team at Wakelet have designed Wakelet - a platform used by millions of educators each year.  

This episode features commentary from:


  • “Invincible” by Def Kev (No Copyright Sounds)
  • “Le Freak” by RAGE (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Chef Brian” by Latasha (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Space Navigator” by Sarah The Illusionist (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “We March Together” Patrick Patrikios (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Good Times” Patrick Patrikios (YouTube Audio Library)


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